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Our Dream Team!

Papperlapapp encourages creativity and connection to nature. We want to inspire children to build a better world, one play session at a time.

We are Elisabeth, Christina and Eveline. We have a total of seven children and a dream of making sustainable toys that are not only fun but also protect the environment.

We were looking for environment-friendly solutions for our everyday lives. It's shocking how many toys are made of plastic or composite wood and how few alternatives there are. And that's why Elisabeth founded Papperlapapp.

Über die Gründerin

Elisabeth is the founder and product designer of Papperlapapp and creates our kids' favorite playworlds with her designs. The products are designed to inspire children to immerse themselves in their own fantastic world and learn about environmental awareness through play.

"As a mother of four children, it is important to me that my children grow up well protected and with a sense of security in our fast-paced world. I want them to be able to realize their potential, not be limited, and give them freedom and creativity. That's what I want for my children - and all children in the world!"

Our team is committed to create plastic-free 
playrooms for our kids.

Our products are made from 100% cardboard. The material is a real superstar. Cardboard is extremely sturdy and is used, for example, for safe transportation of heavy loads such as washing machines.

Cardboard is also very light and 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Perfect for the children's room!

This allows us to create a real alternative to plastic and composite materials. But much better – stable, durable and recyclable!

Because we believe that the toy industry must stop producing mountains of waste.

You have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us. We love our community and are always happy to receive suggestions and requests.