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Our mission: Celebrating kids and their creativity, for a sustainable future.

We try to think as free as kids. With a bold and not so serious attitude.

More than just cardboard

Our play worlds are made from one hundred percent domestic corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is a prime circular product. No trees have to be felled for it. It can be recycled up to 25 times, it is biodegradable and binds more CO2 than it releases during production. Corrugated board is also extremely stable and robust. Our products are assembled using an innovative plug-in system that gives the products stability. No adhesives, plastics or tools are required for this. For us, corrugated cardboard is more than just a material - it is robust, environmentally friendly and full of possibilities. Perfect for children's adventures! Let's play!

Locally designed and produced

For us, design and production are all about regionality. We are proud that our products are created here in Austria with passion and expertise. From the idea to the finished product, we focus on local innovation and the highest quality. For us, local design not only means creativity, but also responsibility. We are committed to a better world for our children. At a time when plastic toys and composite materials dominate the market, we offer a real alternative. With us, you will find high-quality, environmentally friendly play worlds that are manufactured with expertise and care - for a more sustainable future and playful adventures.

So clean you could eat it (please don’t)

We love the naturalness and purity of our material. No added adhesives, no plastic, no metal, simply nothing at all. Our products are made from 100% corrugated cardboard and are even biodegradable. So pure that you could eat it – but please don't!





Papperlapapp stands for creativity and sustainability. We encourage kids to become inventive nature-inspired explorers, building a brighter, more imaginative future – one cardboard adventure at a time.

Support and network

Product development requires a lot of time and financial resources. We would like to thank our sponsors in particular. The Austria Wirtschaft Service and the City of Graz Wirtschaft. We are also part of the Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria.