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Welcome to Papperlapapp Wholesale

Welcome to Papperlapapp Wholesale

Welcome to your Papperlapapp wholesale area. Please find all information for a sustainable and prospering business relationship here.

Shop the Papperlapapp Wholesale collection, contributing to a better world for our children.

We are happy about to talking to you, just send your request.

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Paper exhibition 2024 at the kid's museum

Playtime Paris 2024

Milk Magazine Feature

Design Hunger Prize: Best sustainable brand

Wellpappe Award Winner 2022

100% Cardboard

  • Just one material.
  • Connectors to build.
  • No glue, no toxins.

100% Austria

  • Production in Graz.
  • Produced by us.
  • Cardboard from Austria.

100% Sustainability

  • Binds CO2.
  • 25x recyclable.
  • Stability & duration guaranteed.

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