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Papperlapapp Spielwelten

Papperlapapp game world boat - 1st small series

Papperlapapp game world boat - 1st small series

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Sustainable, fair & regionally produced in Austria.
This creative cardboard play-world combines all positive aspects of both kids furniture and toys. It makes every pirate's heart beat faster and is an enrichment for your own walls. Imaginative adventures, exciting pirate raids, the discovery of lonely islands and many other exciting stories await your children.
Paint, glue and design the boat or leave it as it is :)
It is incomparably stable, so you will enjoy it for a long time!
Included are a few flags of different shapes and an anchor.
Dimensions: ca.155cm length x 100cm width x 100cm height


4 Flaggen

- Schatzkiste mit Deckel dient auch als Sitzbank
- 2 Bullaugen
- Kajüten Guckloch
- Begehbare Reling rund um das Boot
- Bootsdach zum Klettern & für tolle Aussicht
- Dachluke für Einstieg von oben
- Kreativ zu gestalten (Bemalen, Stempel, Sticker)

- 155 cm Länge
- 100 cm Breite
- 100 cm Höhe

1. Höchste Produktqualität
2. Komplexer Aufbauprozess bedarf Videoanleitung und eventuell Rückfragen

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100% recycled

You can buy our play furniture with a clear conscience. You can save up to 5 kg of plastic or 8 kg of bulky waste if you choose a Papperlapapp product!